Bathurst is focused on being a good neighbour and sharing the benefits of its projects with the communities in which it operates through its business partnerships and community-based initiatives.


“Bathurst works with neighbours, employees, community groups and other stakeholders to add value to the communities in the company’s operational areas”


Supporting local businesses

In Westport, Bathurst has formed alliances with West Coast businesses that provide services to the Company’s mine sites.

Community liaison

At its Takitimu mine at Nightcaps in Southland, Bathurst has established a successful relationship with the local Community Development Association and has regular interaction with neighbours, local residents and businesses of the region to anticipate and assist in resolving issues relating to the company’s mining activities. The Company is in the process of establishing a similar group in Westport as an integral component of the Buller Project.

Community sponsorship

Throughout 2013-14, Bathurst continued to develop its community involvement in a number of areas, including:

  • Scholarships for Buller High School graduates to study at university
  • Sponsorship of the Denniston Chaingrinder mountain bike event in Westport
  • Support for Timaru’s Caroline Bay Aquatic Centre
  • Support for Nightcap’s primary schools
  • Sponsorship of the Gowan Mountain Bike race
  • Sponsorship of  Nightcaps Junior Rugby Club